VIEW Transaction Response

Based on the kind of transaction request, if the authorization is passed, API response will be available in XML and JSON format.

Sample Code

      "last_name":"FDMS TEST CARD",
      "street_1":"1307 Broad Hollow Road",
         "value":"Certifyglobal Test"


result_code numeric (1) The overall status of the transaction. One of the following: 1 - Approved from First Data 2- Any kind of Declined or Reject from First Data 3- Error from API validations
result_sub_code numeric (3) First Data response code. 3 digit response code from 000-999.
result_text string (up to 100 characters) Description of the outcome of the transaction from First Data. Erro details are provided from Gateway.
transaction_id numeric (upto 6 digits) Gateway assigned transaction ID for the request.
This ID will be used for reference while preforming void, refund and other transactions
transaction_datetime date and time in yyyyMMddTHHmmssZ format Date and Time of the transaction response
account_type numeric Card brand of the account used for transaction
card_last_4 numeric (upto 4 digits) Displays the last 4 digits of the card used for transaction.
amount decimal (18,2) Transaction amount requested in original authorization.
method string The method used to perform the transaction is provided here.
CC: Credit Card, ACH: Automated Clearing House, EBT: Electronic Benefits Transfer
auth_code alpha numeric (8 digits) When a sale is processed, a unique code is generated by the Processor to identify the transaction.
avs_result_code character (1) Address Verification Service (AVS) response code. One of the following:

A -- The street address matched, but the postal code did not. B -- No address information was provided. C – Street address and postal code not verified D – Street addresses and postal codes match (International only) E -- The AVS check returned an error. G -- The card was issued by an international bank and does not support AVS. N -- Neither the street address nor postal code matched. P -- Postal code matches R -- Retry — AVS was unavailable or timed out. S -- AVS is not supported by card issuer. U -- Address information is unavailable. X -- Both the street address and the US ZIP+4 code matched. Y -- The street address and postal code matched. Z -- The postal code matched, but the street address did not.

card_code_result character (1) Card code verification (CCV) response code. One of the following:

M -- CVV matched. N -- CVV did not match. P -- CVV was not processed. S -- CVV should have been present but was not indicated. U -- The issuer was unable to process the CVV check.

type numeric (1) Type of transaction performed is returned in this field.
1: Autorization Only,
2: Authorize and Capture,
3: Prior Authorization Capture,
4: Capture Only,
5: Void,
6: Partial Void,
7: Credit,
8: Force Credit,
9: Verification.
nonce string (from 6 characters upto 50 characters) The nonce value is sent back in the response, the significance is to indicate that the transaction is unique.
expiration_date numeric (up to 4 digits) The card's expiration date
test numeric (1) Onepay gateway's mode of transaction processing. 0- Transaction processed by Processor 1- Transaction processed by internal simulator
token numeric (up to 16 digits) The token value associated with the transaction account.
approved_amount decimal (18,2) Amount approved. Based on processor's approval.

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