VIEW Customer Response

POST https://apisandbox.onepay.com/Customer

The response to a customer creation request is sent back in this object

Sample Code

    "customer_response ":{
        "result_code ":1,
        "result_text ":"SUCCESS ",
        "result_sub_code ":"000 ",
        "transaction_datetime ":"20190318T145608Z ",
        "token ":"2113117255668155 "
    "customer ":{
        "first_name ":"Rolling ",
        "last_name ":"Rocks Ventures ",
        "street_1 ":"#602,Prestiege Atrium,Central Street ",
        "street_2 ":"Near Shivajinagar Bus Stand ",
        "city ":"Bangalore ",
        "state ":"karnataka ",
        "zip ":"560001 ",
        "country ":"India ",
        "phone_number ":"9972534105 ",
        "company ":"Rolling Rocks Ventures US Ltd ",
        "customer_id ":"1000213 ",
        "invoice_number ":null,
        "email ":"R2r@certifyglobal.com ",
        "email_receipt ":"YES ",
        "notes ":"Test Notes ",
        "action_code ":"1 ",
        "source_user ":null,
        "source_application ":null,
        "custom_fields ":null


numeric (1)
The overall status of the customer request. One of the following: 1 - Approved 2- Any kind of Declined or Reject 3- Error from API validations
result_sub_code 3 digit response code. Based on customer creation and data update in the onepay system, response code is sent.
result_text Success or Failure The description of the customer request process.
transaction_datetime date and time in yyyyMMddTHHmmssZ format The date and time at which the customer save or update is made.
token numeric (up to 16 digits) The token associated with customer's specific account.
customer: customer_id alphanumeric, up to 50 characters. The customer ID associated to the request.