POST GetBatchDetail Response


The batch details with transactional details are available as a part of this response

Sample Code



batch_response object This object contains details of the batch response of the terminal
result_code numeric(1) The overall status of the transaction.
One of the following:
1 - Approved from First Data
2- Any kind of Declined or Reject from First Data
3- Error from API validations
result_sub_code numeric (3) First Data response code.
3 digit response code from 000-999.
result_text string (..100) Description of the outcome of the transaction from First Data. Error details are provided from Gateway.
terminal_number numeric The terminal number of the requested batch details.
terminal_name string The terminal name of the requested batch details.
batch_id numeric Batch number of the transactions
batch_date date in YYYY-MM-DD Batch close date.
transaction object
batch_id** numeric Batch identifier number of the transactions
gateway_id numeric Gateway identifier number of the terminal
terminal_id string The terminal number of the requested batch.
transaction_id numeric (..6) Gateway assigned transaction ID for the request.
This ID will be used for reference while preforming void, refund and other transactions
transaction_datetime date and time in yyyyMMddTHHmmssZ format Date and Time of the transaction response
card_type string (2) Card brand of the account used for transaction
account_last_4 numeric (4) Displays the last 4 digits of the card used for transaction.
expiration_date numeric (4) The card's expiration date
amount decimal (18,2) Approved and settled amount of the transaction.
method string The method used to perform the transaction is provided here.
CC: Credit Card, ACH: Automated Clearing House, EBT: Electronic Benefits Transfer
auth_code string (8) Unique shared code generated by the Processor to identify the transaction response.
type numeric (1) Type of transaction performed
token numeric (13..16) The token value associated with the transaction account.
nonce string (6..50) The nonce value is sent back in the response.