POST Get Batch Response


This API will return batch response and Batch summary for provided batch date , the Terminal is retrieved from Terminal key provided

Sample Code



batch_response object Response details of the requested batch for the day are included in this object
result_code numeric The overall status of the transaction.
One of the following:
1 - Approved from First Data
2- Any kind of Declined or Reject from First Data
3- Error from API validations
result_sub_code numeric First Data response code. Usually a 3 digit response code from 000-999.
result_text string (up to 100 characters) Description of the outcome of the transaction from First Data. Erro details are provided from Gateway.
terminal_number numeric The terminal number of the requested batch.
terminal_name string The terminal name of the requested batch.
batch_date date in YYYY-MM-DD Batch close date.
batch_summary object Multiple objects will be present if there are there are more than one batches in a day.
batch_id numeric Batch number of the transactions
settlement_date_time date and time in yyyyMMddTHHmmssZ format Batch settle date.
sale_amount decimal Total amount of captured transactions.
credit_amount decimal Total amount of refunded transactions.
net_amount decimal Total amount that is settlement.
no_of_transactions decimal Number of transactions present in the batch