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POST http://apisandbox.onepay.com/billing/plan

The response to a billing creation request is sent back in this object

Sample Code

                                  "transaction_datetime":"04/13/2019 08:53:45"


billing_response object
result_code numeric The overall status of the transaction.
One of the following:
1 - Approved from First Data
2- Any kind of Declined or Reject from First Data
3- Error from API validations
result_sub_code 3 digit response code from 000-999. First Data response code.
result_text string (up to 100 characters) Description of the outcome of the transaction from First Data. Erro details are provided from Gateway.
transaction_datetime date and time in yyyyMMddTHHmmssZ format Date and Time of the transaction response
billing_plan object object is present in *billing* request
bill_sequence object object is present in *billing* request
This element contains information of the Bill Sequence. If a billing plan has transactions sent manually, then this obect is passed back when a trasnaction is completed. Note that sequence number is not included in this. For automatic bill payments, this object is ignored.